IoT European Platforms Initiative

IoT-EPI is a European Initiative under The EU-funded Horizon 2020 Programme focused on IoT platform development. At the core of the IoT-EPI are seven EU-funded research and innovation projects that collaborate with the bIoTope project:

The scope of IoT-EPI initiative is to create ecosystems of "Platforms for Connected Smart Objects", integrating the future generations of devices, embedded systems and network technologies and other evolving ICT advances. These environments support citizens and businesses for a multiplicity of novel applications. They embed effective and efficient security and privacy mechanisms into devices, architectures, service and network platforms, including characteristics such as openness, dynamic expandability, interoperability, dependability, cognitive capabilities and distributed decision making, cost and energy-efficiency, ergonomic and user-friendliness.

Visit the IoT-EPI website for more information.

Project Partners

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