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The results from the bIoTope project will presented at a major event in Dublin on 29 April through 2 May, at the Digital in Practice Conference hosted by project partner The Open Group. A special session titled Smart Cities: Boundaryless Information Flow on 1 May will feature presentations that describe the bIoTope project, the specific information exchange problems that it has investigated, its standards framework for IoT boundaryless information flow, and how it enables the deployment of smart services in smart cities. Presentations by project partners will include:

  • bIoTope - Exploring Boundaryless Information Flow for Smart Cities
  • Business Benefits for Smart Cities in bIoTope
  • The bIoTope Helsinki Pilot
  • bIoTope in Lyon: from Internet of Things to Smart Data and Urban Monitoring
  • bIoTope in Brussels: how IoT solutions powered by O-DF can serve and improve urban mobility
  • The bIoTope Reference Architecture and its Use in Smart Cities

The morning session will be followed in the afternoon with a Smart Cities Architecture and Implementation Workshop that will include a brief tutorial on the Open Messaging Interface (O-MI) and Open Data Format (O-DF) Internet of Things standards followed by a hands-on explanation of the technology that sets up an O-MI node and implements "hello-world"-level applications to connect sensing equipment and obtain readings from them. Participants will be invited to develop their own applications, using command-line scripts. Those interested in using more sophisticated programming tools can discuss how these would be applied, and try them if time permits.

More information on the morning session and afternoon workshop is available at the conference website.

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CORDIS article features bIoTope project

An article providing an overview of the bIoTope project and benefits from the project technologies, and the importance of support for open standards has been published on the CORDIS website hosted by the European Commission.

The Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) is the European Commission's primary source of results from the projects funded by the EU's framework programmes for research and innovation (FP1 to Horizon 2020). It's mission is to bring research results to professionals in the field to foster open science, create innovative products and services and stimulate growth across Europe.

The article is provided in six EU languages and is available here.

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bIoTope Project Meeting at BMW in Munich

The bIoTope project partners held a General Assembly meeting in Munich on 26-28 November hosted by BMW at their Research and Innovation Centre. The meeting marked an important milestone for the project with completion of the development tasks of the technology components. Updates were provided by each of the Smart City Pilot partners on their use of bIoTope technologies for developing new IoT applications and services. Presentations from partners who participate in the project through the Open Call process who are supporting the Smart City Pilots were also provided. The final day was dedicated to planning and coordination for the exploitation and sustainability of the project technologies.

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Hugo Kerschot and Christophe Aubry de Maraumont (IS-Practice), Project Managers for the bIoTope project, introduced the bIoTope technologies for IoT and their benefits at the Global Forum held on 5-6 November in Copenhagen. They presented the project and its use cases during two parallel panel discussions focusing on smart cities and the impact of digitization on society and economy that they moderated.

The Global Forum is an internationally recognised think tank for exchange and networking among governments at national, regional & local levels, private & public organisations, as well as research & development experts, and is dedicated to business and policy issues affecting the successful evolution of the Digital Society. More than 300 key policy makers and public/private stakeholders from more than 30 countries from all continents participate each year.

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Florian Mayer from BMW presented "Breaking up Vertical Silos in Today's IoT-Mobility Landscape" at Managing Digital Enterprises Conference in Singapore on 30 October 2018, hosted by The Open Group. The presentation was given at the plenary session with an estimated audience of 200 people. The four day event from 29 October through1 November focuses on emerging digital technologies, as well as the standards, architectures and business frameworks that support and enable the transition to and implementation of the modern Digital Enterprise.

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bIoTope featured in Smart Cities opinion article

The bIoTope project and the open standards that have been extended in the project have been featured in an opinion piece article titled "Why open standards are the key to truly smart cities" published on the SmartCitiesWorld platform. The article was prepared by Dr Michele Supper from project partner The Open Group and describes the challenges faced by those responsible for implementing Smart City advances and the importance of open standards and the interoperability challenges they address.

SmartCitiesWorld provides a centralised source of intelligence about the infrastructure required to create a smart city today and for the future. The platform offers an information resource for cities, the public sector and businesses to help build a smarter and more sustainable society.

The full article is available here.

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A new video has been produced by the bIoTope project showcasing the results of the testing and integration work for smart parking and charging service with project partner BMW and Finnish start-up Parking Energy, along with the Smart Equipment capabilities provided by project partner Enervent.

Visit the bIoTope YouTube Channel to see more videos about bIoTope technologies.

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The bIoTope project is testing smart parking and charging service with BMW and Finnish start up Parking Energy at Aalto University from 3 to 6 September 2018!

The results of the testing will be demonstrated for City officials, industry representatives, media, and for others interested in the bIoTope project at a demonstration event at Aalto University on 6 September from 13.30 till 15.30 at Maarintie 8, room 4126 (4th floor), Espoo (Aalto University).

During this demo, the Finnish bIoTope partners Forum Virium Helsinki, Aalto University, Parking Energy, Control Things, and Enervent together with BMW, will show the new Smart Parking and EV Charging solution that includes electric vehicle charging solution, parking service and the car pre-conditioning use case developed through the project. The event agenda includes:

13.30 Keynote speech by Vice Mayor Anni Sinemäki

13.40 Speech by Prof Kary Främling, Aalto University

13.50 Speech by project manager Natalia Reen, Forum Virium Helsinki

14:00 Speech by Marketing Director of Parking Energy OY Markku Peräniitty

14.00 Video from the BMW tests

14.10 Showcasing the BMW i3 car, Parking Energy charging poles and Aalto University application in the yard of the university. Photo, video and interview opportunities.

15.00 Cocktails and mingling

How does the smart parking and charging system work?

"Imagine that you are driving a smart car and you want to go shopping in Helsinki. You will need to find a parking place. You probably don't want to drive in circles before finding a free parking lot. Instantly finding the nearest parking space will be made possible thanks to the ‘find parking’ solution developed through bIoTope”, tells bIoTope project leader Christoph Gareis.

“Now let's imagine that your smart electric car is becoming low on battery and you will need to find a charging station too. The solution developed by Parking Energy together with the bIoTope partners Aalto University and Forum Virium Helsinki would allow you to combine this and to find a parking lot with EV charging so you can go shopping while the car is charging."

Finland intends to raise the number of electric cars on its roads to 250 000 by the year 2030. Achieving this goal will be challenging without significant improvement of the charging infrastructure. To solve this problem, the bIoTope project, led by Aalto University, has created an IoT-based EV-charging ecosystem that is being tested by the German car manufacturer BMW and a Finnish start up Parking Energy.

For further information contact:

  • Natalia Reen, Project manager, bIoTope, Forum Virium Helsinki, Tel: +358 40 486 0424
  • Jussi Karmala, Comunications manager, Forum Virium Helsinki, Tel: +358 40 591 6744
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bIoTope participates to IoT Week 2018

The annual IoT Week 2018 has been concluded on a positive note in Bilbao, Spain during the week of 4-7 June 2018. The event gathered each year an estimate of 500 participants from research centers, research projects, large industries, SMEs, developers, standards development organizations, policy makers, and IoT enthusiasts alike.

This year, bIoTope participated with the representation of the Aalto University School of Business team at the exhibition booth showcasing the project’s progress and the smart city pilots’ result. The booth has attracted ample attention from our fellow researchers as well as large industries’ key players and sparked interesting discussions surrounding the project an opportunities for new partnerships.

The IoT Week also hosted several keynote speeches and workshops. bIoTope participates in the "IoT and Smart Cities & Communities Platform Convergence" workshop and was proudly represented by Dr. Petra Turkama – Director of CKIR at Aalto Univeristy – who spoke at the session “IoT in Smart Cities and Communities – Insights on Recent Trend and Evolution”. Prof Turkama's presentation titled "Building an IoT Open Innovation Ecosystem for Connected Smart Objects" is available here. Also, Dr Ulrich Fastenrath – Head of Traffic and Routing at BMW – spoke at the sessions “Smart City Interoperability” and “Smart City Northbound Interoperability Break Out”. Dr Fastenrath presentation titled "Autonomous Shared Cars Become Part of IoT: Why and How?" is available here.

A warm thank you to all that participated in the IoT Week 2018 event !


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Open Call 2 Results Announced

The second Open Call from the bIoTope project was closed on 30 May 2018. A total of 113 proposals were received for this Call and from these 6 proposals have been selected to receive funding for a total amount of 322,441.60 EUR. The evaluation and selection process has been completed and all proposers have been informed about the evaluation results for their proposal and financial support.

The organisations selected and the funding to be provided are summarised in the following table.

These organisations will be joining the bIoTope project consortium and contributing the smart city ecosystems utilising bIoTope technologies being established in Brussels, Lyon and Helsinki.

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bIoTope at IoT Week in Bilbao 4-7 June

The bIoTope team will be participating to the annual IoT Week 2018 being held this year in Bilbao, Spain on 4-7 June. With leadership provided by Aalto University School of Business, the project participates with a booth providing information on the project and details on project progress and the smart city pilots being carried out in Lyon, Helsinki and Brussels.

The IoT Week event gathers the community of stakeholders engaged in developing new IoT technologies and solutions and hosts prominent IoT experts, researchers, IoT focused companies, research centres, European research projects, start-ups and international organisations to meet, discuss and identify emerging trends and technologies that will impact the future.

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The bIoTope project was active in presenting the project and new technologies at the Web Conference held in Lyon on 23-27 April as part of the series of conference organised by the World Wide Web Consortium. This series aims to provide the world a premier forum for discussion and debate about the evolution of the Web, the standardization of its associated technologies, and the impact of those technologies on society and culture.

Sylvan Kubler from University of Lorraine, who has been involved with bIoTope since its inception, was interviewed for the media (click the photo above for the video) and gave a presentation "Towards open IoT ecosystems: Ambition, Challenges & Opportunities" providing an overview of of bIoTope technologies. Emmanuel Gastaud from the city of Lyon, also a partner in the bIoTope project, coordinated bIoTope's participation in the event and organised a number of actions creating awareness of bIoTope technologies and smart city pilots including a bIoTope corner in the "Only Lyon" booth.

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Kary Främling presented the bIoTope project results at The Open Group conference in London at Central Hall Westminster on 16 April, together with Ron Schuldt from the company Data-Harmonizing, with the title "Standards by The Open Group for Globally Interoperable APIs in Smart Cities". The bIoTope Advisory Board meeting was also held on 18 April as a part of the Open Platform 3.0 member meeting at the same location in London.

The results shown, and the Use Case implementations in particular, were highly appreciated and valuable feedback was received from Enterprise Architects of several major ICT companies who are members of The Open Group.

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New release of MobiVoc

A new release of the mobility vocabulary MobiVoc for describing parking and charging station information for e-vhicles is now available. The release includes new features and extensions that were identified IoT systems through the project work carried out in the bIoTope smart city pilot in Helsinki.

The new MobiVoc release is available on GitHub, and detailed documentation for the new release is available on the Mobivoc website by clicking here.

The goal of Mobivoc is to significantly improve the exchange of mobility data between all stakeholders by providing a standardized vocabulary using Semantic Web technologies and ontologies. Mobivoc invites everyone who is interested to join the MobiVoc initiative and to participate in the development of the Open Mobility Vocabulary. More information is available on the MobiVoc website.

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Open Call 2 Published

The bIoTope project has published the second Open Call inviting organisations from outside of the consortium to join the project and contribute to the evolution of the bIoTope ecosystems.

The goals of the second open call are to:

  • Expand the bIoTope ecosystems
  • Validate the bIoTope techniques in real-world scenarios
  • Support the development of innovative IoT solutions using technologies and services provided by the bIoTope project

Funding is provided to successful applicants to support smart city pilots in Brussels, Helsinki and Lyon. Total amount of funding available is €370,000.

Focus areas and anticipated funding levels are in support of the following smart city Use Cases:

  • Lyon bottle bank expansion (€90,000)
  • Brussels water taxi (€60,000)
  • Brussels disabled parking (€60,000)
  • Brussels mobility case (€40 000)
  • Helsinki smart parking case (€40,000)
  • Helsinki Android app for IoTBnB (€40,000)
  • Scaling of Helsinki IoTBnB (€40,000)

The submission deadline is 30 April 2018. For more information click the Open Call 2 tab at the top of the page.

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A new video has been added describing the work to demonstrate the proof of concept in using bIoTope technologies to better manage the challenges of parking and charging of electric vehicles in smart cities.

Click here to see the new video that describes the capabilities bIoTope provides for enabling important advances for Europe's smart cities.

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The bIoTope project receives funding under the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 688203. The contents of this website do not necessarily reflect the position of the European Commission and the European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.